Horizontal Directional drilling

3020 AT Drill Rig Front — Directional Drilling in Tuggerah, NSW

Experience, Authority & Trust

Openshore Pty Ltd is your horizontal directional drilling and civil construction solution. Backed by more than 25 years' industry experience, our experts provide underground service installations using conventional and trenchless construction techniques.
We work with various sectors including, Government departments, local Councils, commercial organisations and all major infrastructure companies throughout Australia. Our experience extends across a variety of applications including, telecommunications, water, gas, sewer and electricity in all ground conditions including rock.
Openshore is committed to maintaining exceptional health and safety standards throughout each project. Our team are fully licensed, insured and work in compliance with Australian environmental and OH&S standards.
From concept to completion, Openshore provides a professional service, achieving excellent outcomes for our clients even in the most complex situations.
Directional drilling
Our experts provide underground service installations using trenchless and conventional construction techniques. We are well-versed in drilling for telecommunications, water, gas, electricity and sewer configurations.
Our resources page contains important information about the business including, insurances, licenses and quality assurance certifications.
Our capability statement details our services, equipment, quality assurance certifications and more.

Why Choose Us


Our safety record and industry reputation is your guarantee of a positive experience. We value our team, and ensure that safety is always our highest priority. We take pride in our projects and interest in our clients, and strive to develop strong industry relationships built on trust and experience. We work collaboratively with everyone involved in our projects to ensure that the best outcome is achieved and everyone goes home safely.
3020 AT Drill Rig Side — Directional Drilling in Tuggerah, NSW