Openshore Pty Ltd provides underground service installations using a complete range of trenchless and conventional construction techniques. Installations include communications, electricity, water, sewer, gas and soil remediation from single pipes to multiple configurations in sizes from 50mm to 1000mm holes in all ground conditions including rock. We provide solutions for Government departments, local Councils, commercial organizations, the private sector and all major infrastructure companies throughout Australia.

Based on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Openshore boasts over 25 years’ experience in directional drilling, excavation, pit and pipe and asbestos removal. Fully insured and with ISO 9001 Quality Assurance, WHS 4801 and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, we offer a complete service which is fast, accurate, reliable and highly professional. Specializing in all facets of infrastructure construction we understand the requirements of the industry and have policies in place to meet the highest standards of industry compliance.


Our wealth of experience includes team members who have been involved in trenchless technology since it was introduced into Australia in the early nineties. The use of Openshore’s trenchless technology provides a means of upgrading or installing new utilities without the disruption to the public or traffic delays. With minimal surface disturbance, local landscaping, streets and sidewalks are left undisturbed. The installation of communication and fibre optic networks, gas, power, water and sewer can all benefit from the use of trenchless technology.

Openshore can access areas beneath streets, highways, railroad crossings and parking lots. In areas where access has been limited or restricted, such as under canals, rivers and wetlands, trenchless technology is often the only environmentally acceptable solution.

Our capabilities:

  • Environment Management ISO 14001
  • Quality Management ISO 9001
  • OHS Management AS/NZ 4801
  • A range of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) machines with varying technical  functions
  • All ground conditions – sand, clay, shale and all rock types
  • All locations
  • Installation of communication, electrical, water, sewerage and gas pipelines
  • Multi conduit installations
  • On grade sewer




Office Address:

27 Gavenlock Rd Tuggerah NSW 2259

PO Box 5458 Chittaway Bay NSW 2261


Paul – 0431 510 767