Horizontal directional drilling

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Underground pipe installation  — Directional Drilling in Tuggerah, NSW

Our Services

Openshore is at the forefront of horizontal directional drilling in Australia and also provide a range of associated services and solutions. Our experts can design and construct underground service installations for a variety of applications including, gas, water, electricity, road, mining, telecommunications and more. Our experienced team also provides asset locating services, pit and pipe installation and vacuum excavation. See our list below.
Backed by more than 25 years' combined industry experience, our projects are completed with safety as the top priority. Openshore is nationally regarded as a competent, reliable and trustworthy company that enjoys a challenge and exceeds our clients expectations.



  • Full range of trenchless installations
  • Single & multiple conduit configurations
  • All ground conditions (including rock)
  • Vacuum excavation & high-pressure water service locating
  • Complex design consultation
  • Certified service location
  • River crossings
  • Rising mains installations
  • Pit & pipe installations
  • Rail corridor installations
  • Asbestos Certified -Class B
  • Conventional trench installations
Drilling service — Directional Drilling in Tuggerah, NSW


  • Vacuum excavation & high-pressure water service location units from 3500L to 14000L capacity
  • F5 Falcon locating systems for reliable service location
  • Pit & pipe units (tipper, excavator & trailer)
  • Vermeer D80x100 Series II HDD rig
  • Ditch Witch JT3020AT HDD rig
  • Vermeer 20x22 Series II HDD rig
  • Mud recycling unit
  • Kubota excavators with rock breaker ability


Openshore is committed to the health and safety of all our stakeholders and ongoing protection of our environment. Our quality assurance accreditation is meticulously maintained and reviewed to ensure our work processes and procedures meet and exceed all industry standards. Our safety record speaks for itself, and our commitment to health and safety underpins the culture of our organisation. Our work team are invested in protecting each other and their environment as their first priority and take pride in our impeccable industry record.

Openshore strives to achieve minimal site impact and utilises environmentally sustainable practices across our organisation. All our equipment is fully site compliant and is regularly serviced and maintained to ensure safety and reliability. We are conscious of our environment and are constantly developing our awareness and processes to ensure industry best practice.